Tom's Feed

  1. Huaxia Chip was a rising star among China’s original computer processor intellectual property (IP) designers. However, despite the voracious appetite for all-things IT, the company is now bankrupt and will be liquidated.
  2. AMD announced its Ryzen Pro portfolio today as it extended the 'Hawk Point' 8040-series to commercial laptop and workstation users while simultaneously offering its Ryzen 8000 APU models for commercial desktop PCs.
  3. Asus’ ROG Swift PG49WCD delivers maximum color from a 49-inch 32:9 curved OLED panel. With DQHD (5120x1440) resolution, 144 Hz, Adaptive-Sync and HDR10, it has a stunning picture with the widest color gamut I’ve yet measured from an OLED.
  4. The Infineon team is using a Raspberry Pi with their latest HAT to make the tentacles wiggle on a 3D-printed figurine of the GitHub Octocat mascot.
  5. Asus has unveiled a brand new flagship monitor boasting the most potent combination of specs we've seen on a professional monitor. It comes with an 8K resolution, 1200 nit peak brightness, and a Mini LED backlight.
  6. The Minisforum V3 tablet is the latest Ryzen 7 Hawk Point-powered PC to join the market
  7. StorageReview put an RTX A4000 into a QNAP NAS, enabling a local flavor of ChatGPT that runs securely, powered by your data.
  8. PC cooling manufacturer Lamptron has been discovered to be bundling illegal AIDA64 activation keys with most (if not all) of its LCD-equipped products, including air coolers and hardware monitoring displays.
  9. You can grab the Asus ROG Zephyrus G16 (2024) gaming laptop at Best Buy with $250 knocked off of the usual retail price.
  10. A paper released during the SIGBOVIK 2024 conference details an attempt to simulate the IBM ‘quantum utility’ experiment on a Commodore 64. The authors claim the experiment was a success.