Pizza Bytes II


A pizza POS system that offers reliable, fast service with food that is prepared right—the first time.

Quickly serving customers, managing special orders, sending accurate information to the food prep staff and getting the order out the door requires the right tools. Restaurant Manager POS system for pizza and delivery operations provides an intuitive pizza matrix and robust couponing capabilities. In addition, our pizza delivery POS reporting package provides real-time sales statistics, delivery sales and a host of other sales related data, allowing you to spend more time running your business.

On screen ordering

One intuitive screen allows employees to select various options to customize an order. Pizza parlors love the fact that one interactive screen handles it all—from size, crust, toppings to specialty and combo orders. This keeps the employee focus on the customer—not the computer. In addition you can utilize our pizza POS system functionality like caller ID, order history, your customer database, mapping capabilities and a variety of other features to quickly and accurately fill orders.

Advance ordering

The POS system for pizza and delivery can store an order and automatically send it to the food prep area to guarantee timely delivery. Combined with our Online Ordering module, you can reduce the number of phone calls during busy hours by promoting this service to your customers.

Order tracking

Orders are labeled with the customer’s name and phone number at the call station, marked with the elapsed time at the expediter’s station and sent out with the driving instructions and map code at the driver station. Our POS system for pizza and delivery offers an alarm feature that identifies all orders that aren’t out the door within a specific amount of time.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs are a great way for pizza, delivery and carry-out establishments to increase revenues and generate more repeat business. Combine a program with powerful promotion and coupon capabilities to target specific customer segments.

Pizza Bytes II is an extremely reliable and easy to use retail point of sale software for Pizzerias and small restaurants that has been tested to ensure maximum performance under fast moving operations. Pizza Bytes II is highly user friendly application that you can run on any normal computer without any special requirements and anyone can learn to operate it within minutes. It is networkable right out of the box. The software is designed and developed with the end user in focus and therefore any person even with a limited knowledge of computers would be able to operate our software with ease. We are so sure about the quality and utility of our application that we are providing our prospective customers with a free trial of our software. If you decide to buy the software then the current price is just $99. If you would like to try our software then you can download the free trial version of Pizza Bytes II software by clicking here. Let us know if you have any questions comments or suggestions regarding our POS Software and related services.We can customize the software as per your specific and personalized requirements. Please contact us with details of required software customization to get a quote for this service.

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  • Networkable right out of the box

  • 24 Catergories

  • 16 Items per Catergory

  • 16 Variations per Items

  • Works with any Windows printer driver

  • Cash Out Report

  • Handles deliveries

  • Take out orders

  • Handles tables and tips

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1. What are the requirements to run the software?

This software can be used on a windows based system running XP, Vista or Windows 7. It was also tested on Windows 8 beta.

2. How do I back up my program?

Go in to the C: Drive and copy the folder named SIMPLE, then paste the folder on to a key.

3. Is the program networkable?

Yes, you can connect multiple computers to the software at no additional charge.

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Video How to install

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Pizza Bytes
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