Website Design and Development

Your web site will likely be the first point of contact that a prospective customer has with your company. It is critical that your web site design portrays a professional, appropriate, and effective image to that prospective customer.

Most importantly, your web site must create a strong and memorable first impression. A poorly designed and user-unfriendly web site will turn away and discourage prospective customers before you ever have the opportunity to interact with them. An effective and successful web site captures and engages browsers; and it ultimately turns these visitors into customers who are willing to make an online purchase or initiate further contact with your company. 

There are plenty of web sites on the Internet that look great, but function poorly or not at all. Businesses spend considerable money on the design of these web sites without an overall Internet strategy and typically they are disappointed with the lack of resulting sales. With an integrated and custom web site design from Simple Software, your site will look great, function as you need it to, and produce measurable results.

The truth: Less is more.

A clean, simple, custom web site design with eye-catching graphics is the best way to attract customers and allow web site visitors to easily locate the information that they need. Our Internet design team creates professional, visually appealing, and versatile web sites that are user-friendly, search engine friendly, and complement your business and its brand image.


We devise creative graphic design for both web and print media.

Our team is a multi-platform blend of custom design services for solo freelancers, small/medium enterprises and web developers/programmers who need high-quality design for their project in a restricted budget. We deliver  commercial  design at affordable prices. Our professional team is capable of producing the best in terms of quality keeping a pace at par with the latest trends. Since we are a firm believer of long term business relationship, we would always aim at top grade performances. We want our clients to be rest assured of a successful upshot whenever they endow us with an assignment.

Custom Layout Design Prices:

  • $99  Custom homepage design

  • $148  Custom homepage + one inside page design

  • $200  5 page website design

  • $1200  Hire a web designer for a month


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