RAD Database Applications

Rapid application development at Simple Software is designed to give much faster development and higher quality than the traditional lifecycle. Simple Softwre is an established application development company that offers the most updated versions of RAD techniques for the smooth management of an enterprise after a thorough understanding of the client's requirements. plates and code.Simple Software follows a Rapid Application Development method that can meet the correct business requirements of the client effectively as soon as the system comes into operation. The different stages of RAD are:


Requirements gathering:
  • Determine Business Processes
  • Carry out Analysis
  • Understand Cooperating Systems
  • Find out System Requirements
  • Show Results to Client
  • Recognize system usage
  • Flush out used Cases
  • Improve the Class Diagrams
  • Evaluate changes of state in objects
  • Define the relations among objects
  • Analyze integration with Cooperating Systems



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