Custom Programming Solutions

Need a custom solution to fit your requirements? Do you want to build a product at low cost without compromising on quality and time? Look no further!

Software products play an important role in enabling businesses and achieving quick and cost effective process automation. Today, a variety of products exist in the market that cater to a wide gamut of work domains / activities, across the industries.

However, the above fact does not undermine the value of a custom build application, while code resue, pre-built component usage, phased development and RAD tools have drastically reduced the time lag between initiation and implementation of a custom solution. The refined software engineering processes, effective project management and quality standards have taken uncertainty and guess work out of the way of a successful implementation.

Decision of going for a custom solution vis-à-vis outright product usage can be a tough one though there are some definite situations, where the choice is obvious:



Your business process is highly developed / matured and cannot be served with an off-the-shelf product which is based on generalized process.
Your business process or work domain is of a proprietary nature.
You have tried off-the-shelf product(s) and know the limitations.
Your need is very specific from day one and will evolve with time and usage.
You understand the virtues of a system, which is based on open standards.



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